A Solution To Vitamin B12 Deficiency Maxasorb B12 Review

I have looked into ways that I could improve my vitamin absorption. I am having problems with anemia and it has gotten worse over the past year. As luck would have it, I was given the opportunity to try Maxasorb B12 Serum. I wanted to share my experience because I think it could be benefit people dealing with the same issue.

Maxasorb B12 serum requires two pumps of serum apply to your skin once a day. I use it on the inside of my arms and rub them together until the product is absorbed. What I like about this product that it absorbs quickly and is not sticky. It has a pleasant peppermint scent that it fades quickly. The bottle gives you just the right amount of product to give you 30 doses.

I have used Maxasorb for over a week now. I feel like I have been given a shot of energy. I will be going to have blood tests soon and I cannot wait to get the results. I am lacking in all vitamins these days so to find a solution to one of my deficiencies is a welcome change. I am looking into trying more products in the future.

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