When I think of spring and summer fashion, my mind thinks of easy dressing. I picture myself walking through town, looking at the shops, then getting a bite to eat at an outdoor café. What I am wearing is a tunic paired with black leggings or a mini skirt. That is my uniform.

The color I am most drawn to is white. A crisp white blouse is the first thing I think of. You can wear it with everything in any color you like.

Another style I like is wearing a white cotton blouse with a full skirt.The look is feminine. Pair it with some sandals, hoop earrings and a bracelet. Grab your purse and you are on your way to lunch with friends.

White blouses use to be rather boring but today there are plenty of styles to choose from. My current favorite is
The bell sleeve blouse. This style is reminiscent of the 1960s. I especially like it when it is paired with Capri pants. Very Ann-Margret.

Below I put together a collection of affordable white blouses. I love the styles with lace. There really should something to fit everyone’s taste.

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