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A Quick And Easy Summer Salad – Apple Citrus

I am a firm believer that you must take advantage of seasonal fruit. In August, the fruit in season are: Blood oranges Custard apples Fuji apples Grapefruit Kiwifruit Lemons Limes Mandarins Nashi Navel oranges Pineapple Rhubarb Strawberries Tangelo I was looking around for a summer salad and found, Citrus Apple Spinach Salad. I love the […]


PCOS Hair Loss? Fight Back With This Hair Oil Updated 2018

 PCOS Hair Loss? Fight Back With This Hair Oil From Central America Those of us with PCOS know what a difficult condition it is to live with. The way I think of it is like being hit with the ugly stick. We all know what this condition does to our skin, our bodies, and self-confidence. One […]


The Perfect Personalized Gift

This time of year, I start thinking of the holiday. Yes, the holidays in July. Every year I put pressure on my self to find the perfect gift. The problem is I always wait until the last-minute. This year I am starting early. I found the perfect gift you can have personalized for anyone in […]

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