This time of year I find myself with what my family calls my “Christmas Cough”. Right on schedule it shows up around my birthday and has continued for weeks. Everyone I know has been hit. These days I seem to pick up everything that comes through.

My health has been poor due to many factors and I have finally decided to get proactive and do what I can to keep myself healthy. I started looking into supplements to build my immune system.

I have been given an opportunity to try Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune. It is a targeted probiotic support with bioavailable Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea. I started taking it when I when I felt my “Christmas Cough” coming on.  I still got the cold but it never progressed into something bigger, like my friends and family experienced.

I am impressed with this product and really impressed with the amount of research that has gone into creating it. You can read about it here

I like the fact that it is time-released. You have the option to take with or without food. No refrigeration needed.

You can purchase Hyperbiotics through Amazon. I plan on checking out the other products they carry. I cannot afford to be out sick so I am pleased to be able to fight back with an effective formula.


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