One of the worst things you can do when blogging is to stop blogging. Consistency is the key to building a readership that grows with you. Aside from dealing with health issues, I have been conflicted on what I want to share on here. With so many blogs out there, what would make a person come back every week? The answer is being relatable to your readers. I have many things I can share that will hopefully bring new readers to me.

Being single and childless at my age puts me in an odd situation. Most people have kids in college or becoming a grandmother for the first time. That isn’t something I can relate to. What my readers can hopefully relate to is the struggles I have been through and how I have overcome or trying to overcome them.

I still am going to post on fashion and beauty because that is my thing. I want to share my photography and what I am reading and watching. So basically what I am saying is that I am going to mix it up. I hope you will join me here for some fun and maybe learn something new.

To celebrate my comeback, I plan on having a giveaway of some skin care and beauty products. Details to come.


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