I started out in life with shapeless brows. My brows did not become important to me until my last years in high school. In the 1980s fell in love with the 1960s, and my style icon was Ann-Margret. Her eyebrows were perfect in my opinion. I loved everything about her style. I used her pictures as a guide to get my brows to look like her. It wasn’t easy. Then when I almost got there, I changed course and made the mistake that many women did in the 1990s, I made my brows thin and blonde. At first, I liked it but soon regretted it. Thankfully, my eyebrows grew back.

eyebrow history

In the early 2000s, I started having my brows waxed. At first, I loved it but then I noticed that My brows were getting thinner and thinner. Thin brows are to suppose to make you look younger. I didn’t care for it. I started using was strips on my own and like the results.

These days, my brows are getting sparse in places. I have been using a wax/brow powder or a pencil to fill them in. Still not satisfied with the look, I tried a pomade. I finally found something that really worked me. With a light hand, I could make my brows look somewhat natural looking.



*My current brow situation

When I heard that Benefit was coming out with a brow collection, I was exciting to see what they came up with. I did get a sample sized of Ka-Brow! I absolutely love this cream-gel. The color is natural and it lasts for hours! I have never had a brow product last that long on me. I will probably pick up some of the other products in the near future. Here are the details about THE BENEFIT BROW EXPERIENCE



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