We are all about the draping makeup and it is time for a new interpretation of this trend with this new tutorial by Lisa Eldridge with Lancôme. Discover a quick and easy way to realize a modern and chic version of the draping makeup look. Step by step, Lisa Eldridge gives all her tips to contour the face with freshness.

Go for this wearable and effortless sculptural blush makeup!

I have seen this trend on Instagram. I started wearing makeup back in the 80s. I have always liked the natural look so I did not wear heavy makeup but I have great cheek bones so I liked to emphasize them. Back then you used a brown or plum blush to get the heavy line. I didn’t wear it as heavy as they wore it back them. If you watch a movie or television show from the 80s, You be amazed how heavy it was applied. We are used to being told to blend blend blend.

I like Lisa’s take on the look. It is a modern take on the 80s. It looks heavier than we are used to. If you are not used to wearing blush. This could give you a shock. I will try this look but I will use a lighter hand.

Do you plan on trying this new trend? Available at NordstromSephora, Ulta,

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