For the past couple of months I have tested out probiotic. Not all probiotic have worked for me and it can get expensive buying something new all the time. I discovered Hyperbiotics line of probiotic and was intrigued by their Pro-Dental probiotic. Taking this formula helps with a number of issues that plague the mouth. I was given the opportunity to try it out. It has been a few weeks now and I can say from day one, I was impressed.

The tablet is small and chewable. It has a pleasant natural mint taste. I tried this at night and by morning the same pleasant minty taste was still with me.

As the days went by I noticed that my ears were not itching anymore. Have you ever noticed an itch in your ear that isn’t on the surface but deep inside the ear? I wasn’t expecting that at all! My teeth have been sensitive lately and now they are normal again.

The ingredients are all natural, sugar-free, 100% vegetarian, has 45 patented LiveBac.  You do not need to keep them in the refrigerator. You take 1 tablet 2x a day or more if you need some extra help.

A lot of research went into this product. To learn more about Hyperbiotics PRO-Dental, click here.

This product would be excellent with someone who has problems with bad breath due to diabetes. It certainly puts an end to morning breath. I find myself not having to use a mouthwash.  I am going to be sending bottles to my friends and family because it is just too good to keep a secret. Hyperbiotics -PRO-Dental can be purchased here

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