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PCOS Hair Loss? Fight Back With This Hair Oil Updated 2018

 PCOS Hair Loss? Fight Back With This Hair Oil From Central America Those of us with PCOS know what a difficult condition it is to live with. The way I think of it is like being hit with the ugly stick. We all know what this condition does to our skin, our bodies, and self-confidence. One […]


Organic Dandelion Root Tea With Hibiscus & Cinnamon Review

  A long time ago in a pre-internet world, health foods, vitamins and supplements were hard to come by. If  you did not have a nearby store, you had to get your hands on a mail order catalog. I found the prices to be steep for a college student. Once I started working, I discovered […]


Life Makeover – Just Say No To Those You Love

Sometimes you must let go of something you love Last December is when I started my life makeover journey. At the time I had so many goals I wanted to reach it seemed overwhelming. I stumbled along the way, started over but eventually stared to get on track. Everyone it seems starts their goal with […]

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