Chit Chat – What Is Happening Now

A weird thing about me is that I tend to know what is going to happen before it happens. Now, while that sounds like a good thing, it actually isn’t in my opinion. Sometimes I even know the exact comments someone is going to make┬ábefore it even gets out of their mouths. So when I […]


Chit Chat – Up With The Chickens

Since I have been home and sick as a dog, my sleep schedule has been all kinds of screwed up. Today I got up very early after a night with little sleep. Lets see how long I last. My cold seems a little better today. I can’t go another week without being productive. It kills […]


Checking in

Yesterday I took the day off. Normally Friday is my “cleaning” day, but yesterday felt like a Saturday. This means Today it is back to cleaning. Exciting stuff going on around here, NOT. Tomorrow is another thing. My friend Old Spice (my nickname for him) is coming over to take me shopping. I can’t get […]

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