Welcome 2023

Another year with new intentions. I accomplished some things in 2022 but not enough to make a meaningful change. I think I set out to change too many things at one once.

I need to write my goals down in monthly goals, establish a routine, and build new healthy habits.

The first place to start is to do a deep clean. I have too much clutter. I did not organize my space when I moved in. Nothing is in its proper space. I will spend the rest of this month cleaning and organizing so I am better equipped to start on my goals.

Flying by the seat of my pants isn’t cutting it anymore.

This blog is something I have been trying to bring back, a new and improved version but I have been running into roadblocks and unable to keep up with changing technology. I get frustrated and I walk away— no more. I am going to get my blog up and running.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my new discoveries. I hope you will find useful information here and please feel free to share your experiences.