November 2021

I have made many attempts to start this blog over. It seems that every time I start, something comes along and puts a stop to it. I miss blogging. It was said that social media was the way to go but with algorithms, pay-to-play posts, and lack of engagement, it feels like I am talking to the wind. I do have a handful of followers that have been really loyal and I appreciate them very much.

I see that people with fantastic blogs receive no comments. It seems like everyone stopped blogging when social media became the place to share. I really hope blogging makes a comeback. I know people are starting to blog again simply because there is a lot of censorship. With your own site, you can write about what you want.

I struggle with how much I want to share about myself. However, I think that sharing my experiences will appeal to some with similar experiences and that starts a conversation.

On this site, I plan on sharing things that interest me. I have no plans on posting controversial topics. I will share the websites of my friends. I will share recipes I have tried or just things I am loving at the moment. I will share my struggles with my health, moving to a part of the country that is new to me. I will share how I am dealing with my aging parents. There is a lot to talk about.

November is here. Time to get busy. My blog isn’t done but I need to start posting. Please excuse the construction.

All the best.

Jeanine Marie

Avalon & Kelly