A Powerful Eye Crème In Small Tube – Review Ultra Ageless By OZ Naturals

My first post for 2016. I haven’t done a skin care review in a while. Today I am going to review OZ NATURALS ULTRA AGELESS Eye Crème.  OZ Naturals is a brand I have worked with before. I have reviewed skin care products for a year now and Oz Naturals products have always worked well for me.

My eyes are my biggest concern these days. While I have been lucky to have aged slowly, my eyes are starting to show age. My eyes are no longer firm but not totally dropping.  I see an “eye job” in my future. In the meantime, finding good products to help me fight aging eyes is an ongoing process.

Ultra Ageless Eye Crème addresses signs of aging in one tube. It helps smooth the skin around the eyes, de-puffs eye bags and provides deep moisturization in a lightweight formula.

It contains an impressive list of ingredient’s such as:

  • Matrixyl®synthe’6® to help smooth the skin
  • Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects
  • Carrot Root Extract to help smoothing
  • Caffeine and Paullinia Cupana Extract, which helps reduce puffiness

I used this cream night and day during my testing period. What I noticed was the following:

  • The formula is scentless and caused no irritation to my delicate eye area 
  • Lightweight formula absorbs quickly proving a smooth base for foundation and concealer
  • My eyes were less puffy in the morning. After a few days, it became really noticeable 

Other things I like about this product, is the size of the tube. You can easily carry this in your purse while traveling. This is an affordable product. Coming in at just under $20 dollars. You need very little to cover both eyes and as an added bonus, you can use this on your forehead for extra wrinkle fighting.

About the Product
[quote]OZ NATURALS ULTRA AGELESS eye crème is packed with ingredients that are proven effective for many eye and facial area concerns.

THE INCLUSION OF A POTENT PEPTIDE, Matrixyl®synthe’6®, evens skin and smoothes wrinkles from the inside out, predominantly on the forehead and crow’s-feet around the eyes.

OZ Naturals ULTRA AGELESS EYE CRÈME also contains botanical Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects that defends skin cells from free radicals. Sometimes known as “Super Vitamin E,” it has an antioxidant action up to 500 times that of Vitamin E.

ALGAE EXTRACT NOURISHES, protects and hydrates skin with vitamins and minerals, and provides wrinkle preventing properties. Carrot Root Extract also contains many effective anti-aging properties, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and has also been known to help reduce wrinkles, scarring and stretch marks.

THE DELICATE EYE AREA is further supported by caffeine and Paullinia Cupana Extract, which helps reduce puffiness and create a smoothing effect around the entire eye area.[/quote]

To learn more about OZ NATURALS ULTRA AGELESS Eye Crème, please go here for more information or to buy.

*I received this product for free for an honest review.

Ultra Ageless Eye Cream

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