A Quick Hello – It Is Going To Be One Of Those Days

Autumn in my backyard

Getting back to real life after being sick

As much as I want to work on my  computer all day, there are several chores that need to be done around here. Hopefully I can take a time out and enjoy the lovely day we are having after the three days of gloom and rain.

In one day my lawn went from green to covered in yellow, red and rust leaves. It is very pretty.  Another change is I have a couple of pimples! You see, I never had acne except for a period pimple. My skin is on the dry side. So it shocked me to see spots on my face! At my age!

Tomorrow I will attempt to go back to the gym. I miss it so much. Working out feels so good once the initial soreness goes away. Once you get past that point, you are home free.

I could use some feedback. I am looking to sell fashion items. The items are mostly new. Things that didn’t fit me but I didn’t return. I am not sure if I should sell them on my blog or EBay. Any thoughts?

Have I mentioned how much I hate dating? I am seeing someone, but he’s never around because he plays in three bands and travels for business on the weekends. This leaves me lonely and I get depressed when I see everybody enjoying my favorite time of the year together. I have tried internet dating and hate it! Any suggestions?

My laundry, sheets, cat boxes are calling me. Perhaps I will get back here later.

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