About Me

Jeanine Marie of Avalon and Kelly.

Avalon & Kelly are lovers of beauty, fashion and all things vintage. We love discovering new brands, designers and personalities and sharing them with our readers.

Avalon & Kelly represent two sides of my personality. Avalon is the free spirit of California and Kelly is the traditional woman who now lives in New England.

I started Avalon & Kelly as a way to express my love for the beautiful things in my life. I try to see the beauty in everyone and pay attention to the little things around me.

My love for fashion and beauty started at a young age. I started collecting vintage at a young age. I add little touches of vintage to my everyday life.

I love beautiful, well-crafted items. I admire and support independent artists who put the love and passion into their art.

This blog was also started to document my total life makeover. After dealing with a long-illness that left me tired and defeated, I finally decided it was time to make the changes I need to live happy and healthy life.

I love shopping. You will notice that I use affiliate links, banners and once in a while a sponsored post. Sometimes I feature things that are over-the-top, but mostly I recommend things to beautify your life and surrounds. It is one girlfriend to another, letting you in on some amazing deals I have found.

Thank you for the support. Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments or just say hello.

For general inquiries, product reviews, sponsorship and partnerships, please write to: jeaninemarie@avalonandkelly.com



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