Autumn Eyes – A Review Of Studio Gear Impactually Pro T.L.S. Line


I normally do not wear a full face of makeup daily. Most days I wear a BB cream, concealer, tinted lip balm, eyebrows filled in and nothing on the eyes. Now if I go out, that is a different story. Because I do not wear mascara daily, I do not buy it often. What I like to do is stock up on travel sizes. That way if I do go a long time without wearing mascara, I always have a fresh tube at my disposal. It didn’t matter what brand I used because my lashes were short, brittle and sparse. Mascara didn’t make much of a difference.

I finally got tired of not having long lashes so I started using castor oil and Latisse to improve the condition and help them grow. It has been a few weeks since I started but I am already seeing some progress. I couldn’t wait to see how my lashes looked with mascara.

I was getting ready to buy a mascara because I had finished all of my travel-sized mascara. Then I was giving an *opportunity to try  Impactfull Pro T.L.S. by Studio Gear.  Studio Gear is a brand that was one of the first indie brands. They are known to have cutting-edge professional products.

Now back to the mascara. Impactfull Pro T.L.S. by Studio Gear Mascara  THICKENS, LENGTHENS, and SEPARATES. It comes in one shade, black. Here is my opinion on this mascara.

The mascara wand is long. I like working with a long wand. The brush is thick. I was pleasantly surprised with the formula. It is not too wet or dry. It is the perfect consistency for a mascara. I curled my lashes before I applied the mascara. I found that the mascara went on smoothly with not one clump in sight. I put one layer on the right eye and two layers on the left eye. The picture of me with my eyes closed was taken at the end of the day. You can clearly see the difference in length and thickness. I wore it from morning till evening. It stayed in place and kept my lashes curled.

  • the mascara washed off easily with a normal cleanser
  • It made my lashes look longer and thicker
  • the mascara is easily buildable
  • no flaking
  • no irritation
  • the black shade was suitable for daytime use

Here is what Studio Gear says about their Impactfull Pro T.L.S. Mascara:

STUDIO GEAR IMPACTFULL PRO T.L.S MASCARA: Studio tested, high impact mascara that THICKENS, LENGTHENS and SEPARATES the lashes, delivering maximum fullness and flare.
• Naturally derived collagen, hydrolyzed wheat protein and antioxidants nourish, condition, and protect the lashes.
• Deep, rich pigments create high impact lashes
• Long wearing without clumping, flaking or smearing.

I am very impressed with this mascara. I love the long handle and makes it easier to apply. I didn’t need a lash comb. Now that I have lashes again, I am going to start wearing mascara again.


Studio Gear also sent their Invincible Gel Eye Liner and their #31 Invincible Multi-Tasker Brush.

I love the cat eye. It is my favorite look. Unfortunately, I am terrible at it. With this brush and eyeliner, I was able to get a cross between a cat eye and smokey look.

The formula wasn’t too dry or wet and applied easily. I did a heavy liner on my left eye and a thinner one on the right eye. The one thing I forgot to do was apply a shadow base. By the end of the day, The right eye had some fading. The left eye held up. For me, a shadow base is a must.

I love the brush. It is well made and sturdy. It felt soft but study. You can easily create a dramatic look with it. It was easy to wash.

Here is what Studio Gear has to say about their Invincible Gel Eye Liner and their #31 Invincible Multi-Tasker Brush:

Gel cream eye liner providing the ultimate versatility in application and wear, always creating a
smooth and even finish
• High performance, water/smudge proof formula
• Capable of creating intense, sheer or smoky effect
• Use as shadow or liner#31 INVINCIBLE MULTI -TASKER BRUSH:
Synthetic Fibers: Taklon Nylon
This brush has an exclusive and unique ergonomic shape developed to fit perfectly into the corners of your eye. This brush moves naturally with the shape of your lid enabling you to effortlessly sweep the liner along your lashes creating a precise line. The flat, curved shape is perfect for applying liquid, cake, cream, gel and powder (wet or dry) products.
 I am very pleased with my experience using the Studio Gear Invincible Line. I will continue to use the mascara and the eyeliner with brush daily. Studio Gear carries a full line of cosmetics and brushes. Their products are not tested on animals.

To learn more about Studio Gear, visit their website.

*the products were sent to me at no cost for my fair and unbiased review.

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