Avalon & Kelly Gift Guide – Affordable Pajamas For Her 2014

I am guilty of wearing the sweats and tees to bed. These days the only one sharing my bed with, is my two cats. However, I have discovered that when I do wear something pretty to bed, I feel better about myself.

A certain someone who shall remain nameless once told me that he was tired of seeing his wife wearing the same old tees and sweats to bed. I know what you are thinking, he wants to see lingerie? No, he just wanted to see his wife wearing something pretty to bed. He asked me to help him pick out something that was pretty and affordable. I picked out a flannel backed – satin floral pair of pajamas with matching robe. She loved it.

Here I have picked out a few offerings from Kohl’s and JCPenney. I included a couple of “fun” styles for those who want to relive their childhood memories. Check out both stores. They have hundreds¬†of options available.

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