Avalon &Kelly – Is A New Year Update

First off I want to thank you for supporting my blog. I started in September and each month my traffic keeps going up and my return visits have too. I still have a lot to learn but learning is part of the fun!

As for the future of the blog, I plan on experimenting with different things. My blog will be more personal, full of pictures I have taken myself. One of my personal goals is to get back on track with my life makeover. So many things to accomplish but I remind myself of things I have achieved.
As far as the appearance of the blog, I am happy with it overall. There are small changes here and there. The feedback I have gotten from readers, family and friends are positive.
As for my appearance, it needs help badly. For the past three months, I have neglected a lot of things. Look  for posts updating my hair color, skin care, nails, body, health and wardrobe.
My social life is non-existent. There are a couple of reasons for that, I live in an area that doesn’t have a lot going on, and to complicate things, I am an introvert!
I am going to force myself to become more social using baby steps.
For the past three months I couldn’t wait for the new year. Not because 2013 was bad but because I couldn’t wait to get to the future. The future is now.
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