Back From Vacation And I Brought Home A Cold!

It is always sad when your vacation ends. I went into with some fears but turns out they were unfounded. When I got home, things are just the way I left them.  Penelope and Simon didn’t kill each other after all. In fact they seem to be closer.  Once my traveling partner, Dom left my house, the cats came out of hiding and were curled up next to me, like I never left.

Our flight to California was a good experience. We flew Virgin America. We scored some great seats that came with a lot of the perks of first class. When we got to LAX, we had no trouble getting our bags.  My leopard luggage was easy to spot. A few paparazzi were running around but I didn’t spot anyone famous. Dom swore he saw Gweneth Paltrow with one of her kids. I have my doubts.

The first part of my vacation was actually a working one. One of the reason I went home was to bring back my vintage clothes. When I got there, my parents have the family room full of boxes but none contained my much-loved collection.  They swore they gave away nothing but I think they accidentally gave away my boxes by mistake.  I can’t tell you how sick I am over this. Thousands of dollars and years of work GONE!

I did however, brought the rest of my patterns home, so my store will be well stocked for a long time.

The rest of my trip was spent with family, friends and showing my friend where I grew up.  The weather was lovely but it was not as warm as I had hoped for.  I will be posting pictures of my days in California.

One day while at Huntington Beach, I started to get a sore throat. At first I thought it was allergies but by the day I left it turned into a full-blown cold.  I am still sick with one of the worst colds I have ever had. This pisses me off like you will not believe.  Hopefully by Monday I can resume my normal life.

Have a good weekend.


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