Becoming A Morning Person Or When The Cats Decide To Wake You Up

Holly Golighty and Cat
Holly Golighty and Cat

I am a morning person. Well, that is I get up early morning. My cats give me no choice. The first alarm is meowing. Second alarm in one rubbing my face and the other knocking things onto the floor. It takes me time to wake up and start my day. My goal is to be someone who gets up early, gets work done and go to the gym. I find myself going to the gym around noon these days and I don’t like it.

When my mom was visiting, she was helping me recover from surgery. She knows I am a night owl so she would tell me when to go to bed! At my age she can’t stop being a mom. You know what? I really enjoyed getting up early and getting things done. I liked getting a good night’s sleep, getting dressed early and getting busy. By noon I felt I had accomplished something.

My mom went home and I went back to my old habits. I really want to get back to getting up early. Without cat alarms. No sleeping past 8 am. If anyone has any advice on how to become a morning person from being a night owl, please let me know.

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