Bite Beauty Amuse Boucher – Review

I have been hearing good things about for a while now. I  have wanted to try a bright lipstick that would go with my coloring. I am nervous about bright colors but decided it was now or never. I took advantage of the Sephora VIB sale and bought . It is the newest lipstick from My head was spinning at all of the 34 shades they have to offer.  I wanted something pinkish but warm. I came across an article from New Beauty that said was the shade everyone could wear successfully. is described as “Electric Coral with a hint of Rose”. They featured women of all skin tones. I had to say I was impressed.

The Amuse Bouche collection is a multi-sensorial experience and a sensual taste on the lips. Made from 12 edible oils to create intense hydration and the creamiest texture possible.

It seemed like forever to get here. When it finally arrived, I was shocked at how bright it was. I’m not used to wearing bright colors so this was going to be an adventure.

The formula is creamy and very pigmented. I find with this type of formula you need to apply with a brush. Your lips should be in tip top shape because this lipstick is not forgiving.

This formula really is long lasting. When it does fade, it leaves a stain. I applied a gold lipgloss to my faded color and it looked awesome. I loved pairing this lip color with golden/bronze eyes.

By the end of the day, my lips felt soft. This lipstick is a winner in my book. You can purchase Amuse Bouche at 26$ at Sephora.

An enticing blend of citrus extracts, made with fresh pressed fruit. An intriguing range of 34 shades. Immense colour saturation. Deep and complex pigmentation.

Amuse Bouche is 34 high-impact lipsticks handcrafted by BITE to deliver a colour saturated swipe with mouthwatering moisture, sublime texture, and long-lasting wear.
A multi-sensorial innovation that is the perfect bite.

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