Becoming Uncomfortable Intuitive Reading By Starcana

The week is a bit quieter astrologically‚Ķ and this could be a good time to observe how our intentions and personal approach can energetically shift situations and relationships. Participating in this activity might prove to be helpful, especially with the romantic Venus/Neptune conjunction on Monday, January 27, a sluggish Mars/Neptune square on Tuesday, January 28 […]


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The day after Christmas, the retailers are already putting up Valentine’s Day displays. The week before Valentine’s Day the panic starts. I say, get your orders for flowers or gift baskets, early. The end of February is the perfect time to look for that something special. It relieves the stress and panic buying. I found […]


PCOS Hair Loss? Fight Back With This Hair Oil Updated 2018

 PCOS Hair Loss? Fight Back With This Hair Oil From Central America Those of us with PCOS know what a difficult condition it is to live with. The way I think of it is like being hit with the ugly stick. We all know what this condition does to our skin, our bodies, and self-confidence. One […]

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