Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick – Vintage Inspired

Red is a color I have not been able to wear successfully. I envy the woman who can rock a red lipstick like nobody’s business.  Red gives you a movie star’s smile every time. I hope my post, Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick – Vintage Inspired, will give you a place to start. I think one of the […]


Eyelash And Eyebrow Experiment – The Results

I am at the end of my eyelash and eyebrows experience. After six weeks I can say my lashes are now longer, supple, and uplifted. I used a combination of castor oil and Latisse. Castor oil on its own helped. My eyelashes became softer, uplifted, longer and darker. The Latisse helped with growth. My eyebrows came […]


Quick Tip – Beauty- How To Conceal Under-Eye Circles

Dealing with post-party-season under-eye circles? Lindsay Ellingson shares a simple color-correcting trick to conceal them and brighten your eyes without caking on makeup. I had a bad problem concealing my under-eye circles when I had a bad sinus infection. Normal concealing wasn’t dong the job. I have not tried color correcting first. I will give […]

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