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Mid-Century Style Show Above On Lucy Ricardo and Sandra Dee

I think it’s no secret that I love Mid-Century style. Aprons are something I collect to get my inner mid-century fix. I put together a collection of vintage-inspired aprons. These styles will bring out your inner mid-century housewife. I am going to put together a cocktail apron collection next. (as seen above on Sandra Dee). This picture comes from a scene from the 1962 film, .  Sandra Dee plays a young housewife learning how to deal with married life. If you haven’t seen this classic comedy starring Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin, you should because it is chock full of mid-century style.

I Love Lucy is a classic and I loved the styles Lucy Ricardo worn on the show. You almost always saw her wearing an apron over a stylish house dress while wearing heels! The same can be said for Mrs. Cleaver, and Donna Reed. Someone once pointed out that Mrs. Cleaver would pull out cakes out of the oven already frosted! I would love to know how she did that.

The way housewives are portrayed on film and television, always looked glamorous. If television has taught me anything, thanks to Mad Men I have learned the Betty Drapers of the world were unhappy and unfulfilled.  I have no idea if that was the reality but while wearing my apron I can pretend to be in my sitcom and enjoy going back in time.

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