Chit Chat – A Little Update

photo by Jeanine Marie

For the past few days I have been under-the-weather. Yesterday I got up at 10:30 and by 12:30 pm I was done. So today is catch up on my blog.

I was in a little accident, right on my property. I was trying to maneuver my car into the garage and clipped a snow bank. When I went to back out so I could straighten the car, my gear got stuck in reverse and my car went rolling into another snow bank. Turns out I have busted cable. My car is now in the shop and I stuck at home.

So if I were not stuck at home, I would be out on the nice day, getting my bangs trimmed, going over to Home Goods and the gym.

The one thing I can do is enjoy a fire. At some point today I will light a fire and enjoy a cup of tea. Enjoy your day.

Jeanine Marie

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