I have been a nervous wreck this week. I haven’t been on a vacation in such a long time. Things that have worried me is the cats.  I have never left my Penelope and Simon before.  Simon can be a bully so I worry Penelope might not have an easy time.  Hopefully they will unite and get along when I am gone. My brother will be with them at night so at least they will have some attention.

I need to keep lists of all the things I need to do before I leave.  I keep telling myself that there isn’t much to do but in reality . Luckily the major bills have been paid and appointments are over.  My packing starts today even though I still have a few days left before I leave. I could write down all the nagging things that are bothering me but I doubt it will help with my jitters.

I am looking forward to the warm sun, sticking my toes in the Pacific and the Mexican food!  Hopefully I come back to beautiful spring weather and calm cats!

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