Chit Chat – I Am Late For A Really Important Date

I am not really late but normally I am running around with my head cut off. One of the things I want to do towards my Life Makeover is to be organized. I am always scrambling to find something to wear at the last minute. Sometimes my hair and makeup aren’t done. In other words, I look like a hot mess.

Starting today, my life should start going back to normal. I got my car back, No more snow storms to snow me in. I can get back to my regular appointments again. This morning I even took the time to make a decent breakfast.

Since I have become a morning person, I now have more time to get things done. Managing my time is something I need to master next. What I love about my life is that I am not a slave to a timetable but I am starting to realize that maybe being on a schedule is the way to go. At least things will be done in a timely manner and I will not have to scramble around.

I am off to make some coffee. Even my coffee pot needs to be on schedule.

Have a good day.

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