Chit Chat – News For Avalon & Kelly

*photo by Jeanine Marie

The last couple of days was brutal all due to one thing, The Weather! I have spent the past few days shoveling snow only to have my poor car get stuck and ended up with a snapped cable. I had to call my personal tow guy, Carl to tow my car to Andy’s. This means I am stuck at home for a few days. Even if I wanted to go out today, I can’t because we are expecting another storm.


I hope and pray we do not lose power so I am trying to get my blogging done.

  • Now for some good news. Cityblis launched an online magazine called Cityblis Trends 2014. I have posted the magazine on the menu bar. Cityblis brings you the best independent designers from all over the world. I am proud to be able to feature the brands and designers on my blog.
  • I have an upcoming interview with a prominent European independent designer. I can’t wait to post it.
  • There is will some design changes coming soon. I am experimenting with some new design elements.
  • I am finally going to start my life-makeover series. Look for new posts in the next week.

So there is my news. Hopefully I will be able to post more today. Wish me luck, we get through this storm unscathed.

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