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Since I have been home and sick as a dog, my sleep schedule has been all kinds of screwed up. Today I got up very early after a night with little sleep. Lets see how long I last. My cold seems a little better today. I can’t go another week without being productive. It kills me to be so incapacitated.

The first thing I want to accomplish is getting some gas in my car. I left it with no gas and I will not be going very far without it. When I was in Los Angeles, the gas prices were close to $5 a gallon! I haven’t checked what is going on here yet, but I won’t hold my breath that I am going to get a break.

Before I left, I colored my hair and added a “No Gray” add on. The “No Gray” didn’t take and I am left with golden brown hair with gray streaks in the front. I finally decided that it is time to stop using drugstore color and make the jump to salon color. Before I do, I am going to use up what I have of the drugstore color I still have left. I will probably throw in a color gloss for added gray coverage.

It may be spring, but the day temperature is still cold. I picked up a few things when I was on vacation that I can’t wait to wear. Nothing excited just some basics in black. Yes, black. I plan on mixing with bright colors to give the look a summer vibe. All I need is some warm temperatures┬áto come my way.

When on vacation, I finally ate in a restaurant. I have not been in a restaurant in ages and it was fun. I ate one large meal a day and kept the rest of my portions small. Even still I was convinced that I would have gained weight, but to my surprise, I didn’t gain but actually lost. When I finally kick this damn cold, I will be getting back to the gym and this year I will finally stick to walking. I have no idea why I have not been able to stick with it. Actually, I do know why,but I will get to that subject later in a future post.

It is time to get myself going. Hope you have a nice day.


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