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A weird thing about me is that I tend to know what is going to happen before it happens. Now, while that sounds like a good thing, it actually isn’t in my opinion. Sometimes I even know the exact comments someone is going to make before it even gets out of their mouths. So when I received an email the other day about my gym closing, it didn’t surprise me at all.

I am happy for the owner because this isn’t just another gym going out of business, It is a career change for her. She has owned the gym for a few decades, so that shows you the dedication she put into it.

What it means for me is that I will have to really embrace walking again. I do not plan on joining another gym. The gyms around here are very expensive and not woman-centric. It will be nice to be able to save the money. I will at some point hire a trainer to help me designer an indoor workout, but that is down the road. I have it good around here because the roads are not too busy and its hilly which offers me a good workout. I just need to stick with it!

I have taken the first steps to going back to being a redhead. I lightened the front of my hair with a hi-lighting kit so I can prepare it for going red. My hair will be red in the front and more of an auburn in the back. I am hoping it turns out the way I want it. I have done this method before so it should be OK.

Turns out my salon is going to be offering the Keratin Complex treatments. I know the price will be steep, so I probably will not be getting the procedure done at the salon.  I have had a stylist come over and given it to me for a reduced price. My hair is so frizzy now that I am going to have a treatment done before the humid weather arrives.

Speaking of weather, our weather is pissing me off because it is still cold. I am wearing a medium jacket not a parka anymore, but still it would be nice to be able to wear a light jacket or sweater.

A sure  sign of spring is when the Gardners show up to mow the lawn. Simon goes into high alert. He starts  running around and growling starts. Penelope may let out one growl and that is it. My cats are strange.

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