David Bowie Tribute – Fashion

I woke up in the middle of the night for no clear reason. My phone beeped at me and when I went to look at the message, it said that David Bowie had passed away. I certainly didn’t see that coming. It has been said he kept his illness private. Close friends didn’t know what was up. I have to say I admire his decision. He and his family avoided the death vultures and the paparazzi that would have been camped out of his door.

I could go on and one about how much I loved his music since childhood but I won’t. My Facebook feed exploded with Bowie posts, pictures and videos.

I picked this video because I really loved this song. He had so many choose from. What is your favorite? The two songs I wanted to hear yesterday were Ziggy Stardust and Heros. What do you know, my friend Neil Richter played both of them back to back on his radio program.  I didn’t even request it. He just knew somehow.

David Bowie was a groundbreaking artist. A true artist that will be missed and never forgotten.

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