Everything’s Coming Up Roses – Skin Care Trends 2016


I have noticed lately the popular rise in all things roses in skincare and body care. I am not talking about rosehip oil (which is an excellent oil), I am talking about rose oil or rose extract. If you love a rose scent, there are many products out there that will give you a rose fix. Currently, I am using Instanatural Rose Facial Mask. This mask contains fresh rose petal extract and other ingredients that soften, gently exfoliate, and brighten your skin. You must love the scent of fresh roses to use this mask.

I am also obsessed with InstaNatural Moroccan Rose Water Toner. This toner is gentle enough for dry sensitive skin like mine. It is truly a heavenly experience.

I have put together a collection of rose extract/oil skin and body products.  If you are a rose fan, I am sure you will find something that is perfect for you. Rose scented products are classic and loved my many. Let me know if you have used any of these products or plan on it in the future.

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