Exciting News, Launches & Updates May 2016


There is no convenient time to get sick. I spent last week in bed with a cold/fever. I have no idea where I caught it and it makes me mad that I had to lose a week of work. This week I am playing catch up.

I am starting three makeover projects this month. The first project will be undergoing a series of glycolic acid peels at home. I have had the salon version done long ago and really liked the results.

The second project is using Latisse along with a lash conditioner. I have one bottle of Latisse left so I decided to document my progress

The third project is trying RevivHair Hair Stimulating Serum. I have successfully slowed down my hair loss but growing new hair and slowing down graying is something I have not had success with. I am very excited to get started and will be documenting my progress.

My brother has a new toy.  I got to play with  HTC Vive virtual reality. And I have to say it is amazing. I have only been able to use it once but my experience was mind blowing. I was on a ship and witness and whale going over me. Then I was at ocean floor looking at schools of fish, a StingRay and checking out the vegetation. I really do not know a lot about virtual reality but I hope to have another experience soon.

Switching gears here. Have you seen the new mascara from Charlotte Tilbury?

Following the cult success of the No. 1 selling Full Fat Lashes Mascara, Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes is an instant miracle mascara for a full-on Hollywood false-lash effect.

Inspired by legendary starlets and supermodels, Legendary Lashes Instant Miracle Mascara extends out the lashes and holds them there.
All You Need: just two coats, one pump per coat.
Guaranteed: doesn’t clump, doesn’t crack, doesn’t drop.
Colour: carbon black for extreme stand-out lashes and a deep colour intensity.

Wow! Those are some lashes. Will your be trying this mascara?


I heard this maybe an upcoming palette from Lorac. Looks pretty. I might check it out if it really does launch.

Until next time

Jeanine Marie

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