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It has been a long time since I have been to a spa. One of the best parts as you enter a spa is the sense of calm and well-being. I also notice the clean and calming scent in the air. I was giving the opportunity to try and when I open the jar, I was hit with a pleasing scent that reminds me of a beach. You get  a spa experience at home.

The first night I tried this, I first took a warm bath in just plain water because I was feeling sore. After my bath, I took a shower and applied the sea salt scrub from my neck down. The first thing I noticed is that the salt is not scratchy. It was very smooth. I concentrated on my feet and hands since they needed the most attention. When I was done, I put on a robe and let the oils sink into my skin. Before bed, I went to put lotion on and noticed I really didn’t need to. The next morning my skin felt really moisturized.

Over all I am very impressed with this scrub. It felt gentle and yet it did a powerful job on my feet. The scent of the moisturizing oils turned my bathroom into a spa. An added bonus is that I love the jar and it looks nice on my vanity.

About the product: 

  • THE SEA SALT BODY SCRUB: Made with Real Dead Sea Salt – 100% Pure and Genuine for an infusion of 21 Minerals Essential to Proper Skin Function. Great Exfoliator and Moisturizer.
  • THE BENEFITS: Fine Grain Dead Sea Salts Exfoliate the Top Layer of Dead Skin Cells to Reveal a New Younger Looking Layer of Radiant Skin. Deeply Moisturizing Oils Infuse Skin With Luxurious Hydration that Lasts All Day
  • Works Great in The Shower or Bath – Also a Great Hand Exfoliator to use in the Sink or Foot Scrub
  • THE COMPANY: Adovia Mineral Skin Care has been producing skin care products for ten years with thousands of satisfied customers and a proven track record. Our formulation experts specialize in hair & skin care products made from Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt. Our products are 100% CRUELTY FREE and Never Tested on Animals.


About the brand:

[quote]goPURE Naturals was started by Erin Keyan who after becoming a mother was shocked to discover how many products contain toxic and dangerous chemical ingredients. She formulated goPURE Naturals with the goal of developing a brand that women can trust to contain only the purest and natural ingredients, while making them look and feel their best.[/quote]

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