Get An Anti-Aging Spa Treatment At Home

Way back in the 1990s I was working out at gym that had a spa inside. One day they were offering free Glycolic Acid Peels. Everyone was raving about them but the sound of acid on my face freaked me out so I passed.

Fast forward to the early 2000s. A co-worker’s cousin was offering free glycolic peels. This time, I said yes and went ahead and I tried the peel. I loved it. It goes on for just over a minute and then you are done. She gave me a little to take home and told me to only have it on for no longer than four minutes.

Now here is where I made a HUGE mistake. When I went to do the peel myself, I put it on and washed it off. However, it kept on stinging now matter how much I washed it off. My face was really red and it finally peeled. When it was all over, my skin looked fantastic. Now when I told my co-worker, she called her cousin and told her what happened to me. Her cousin said, “did she put the baking soda on her face afterwards?” NO, I did not because I wasn’t told to.

Over the years, I have used glycolic cream and masks with no issues. One day I was looking at OZ Natural’s website and I saw they offer a 50% Glycolic Acid Peel for home use. Since I was already familiar with OZ Naturals and love their products. *I went ahead and ordered it.

I didn’t get to use it right away my skin had a rosacea breakout. When it finally cleared up, I tried the peel. Because of my sensitive skin, I only used it in the areas that were very dry and dull. You are supposed to avoid the eye and mouth area so I did. I applied it with the provided cotton gauze to my forehead, nose, chin, and top of my cheekbones. I left it on for 3 minutes. You are instructed to rinse with a solution of warm water and 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Here is what I thought of the treatment after one use.

I felt no burning but a little stinging.
It went away as soon as I applied the baking soda solution.
I applied a very thick night cream for sensitive skin.
When I woke up, only my nose had a little redness.

You must wear sunscreen during the day. It must be a 30 SPF or higher. Your skin is more sensitive to sun exposure after a peel.  You also need to avoid any exfoliant product for at least 48 hours.

Now I have done this treatment for over five weeks now. My freckles are fading. My skin is much smoother and there is a glow. I saw the glow after two peels. I am very happy with the results. I plan on doing this treatment as needed.


*Thank you OZ Naturals for sending me this product for free .

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