Get Real Results With Solvaderm Eyevage – Review


When I look in the mirror, I noticed my eyes look tired and circles and bags are making an appearance. I am not ready to go under the knife or use injectables yet, so a good eye cream is a MUST. 

I have had a hard time finding an eye cream that is effective. My eyes are very sensitive and I find that some creams/gels sting my eyes. There is nothing worse than stinging eyelids. I also find some eye creams to be too rich that I get milia. I have finally found an eye cream that works for me. Today I will be reviewing Eyevage by Solvaderm. I have used Solvaderm products before. I am so impressed with their Ace – Ferulic Serum  so I was interested in trying the eye cream.

The first thing you notice is the chic packaging but it takes more than a pretty face to make an effective eye cream. I love this type of packing because it keeps the product sanitized and protects it from light. 

I followed my normal skin care routine: cleanse, tone, and applied serum. You only need one pump of cream per eye. The first thing I noticed is a slight cooling feeling. The cream is not heavy and it absorbs quickly. My eyes area felt moisturized all day. My concealer went on smoothly. By the end of the day, my under eye area still felt moisturized. I repeated the same steps at night and I woke up with my eyes still feeling moisturized. 

Here is what I have noticed:   

  • After two days I noticed the bags under my eyes looking a lot better.
  • After a week I started to notice my dark circles are not so pronounce.
  • The skin around eyes feels firmer and softer.
  • The fine lines on my eyelids have softened. Eyeshadow looks a lot better.
  • Eyevage comes in a  Size: 0.5 oz / 15 ml bottle. You need such a small amount that this bottle will last you a while.

About The Product


Eyevage is a multi-action age-defying cream developed by leading dermatologists to address the varied and complex issues that most commonly affect mature skin in the eye area. Concentrated anti-aging serum penetrates quickly to improve micro-circulation in the under-eye zone and lighten unsightly dark circles. Advanced firming complex is infused with healing antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to minimize puffiness and render skin better protected from environmental damage and oxidative stress. Ultra-conditioning moisturizers provide intensive skin-softening hydration and work to banish fine lines and wrinkles. Revitalizes and invigorates the entire eye contour to make it appear visibly brighter, captivatingly radiant, and radically younger-looking.

Directions: After washing your face, use a pea-sized amount of Eyevage and dab around each eye, following the orbital bone (eye socket). Apply morning and before bed every day to protect, nourish and maintain hydration.


I am very pleased with Eyevage. I plan on including Eyevage on the list of favorite products post coming soon.  

To learn more about Eyevage by Solvaderm go here.

*this is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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