I Am Sold On Oil Pulling

While reading my favorite blog, Ramshackle Glam, I came across a post by Jordan Reid about oil pulling. I vaguely remember hearing something about it. It was something Gwyneth Paltrow swore by so that got my attention. Then I read Jordan’s post and became very interested and decided it was something I wanted to try for myself.

If you do not know what oil pulling is, start right here. There are so many articles online that can explain it better than I ever could. Now, with that said, here is my experience.

I have been oil pulling for over a month now. I started out with a tablespoon of olive oil just to see what it was like. Then I switched over to the recommended oil, coconut. The first impressions were the following:

  • Long lasting fresh breath
  • Whiter teeth
  • Super clean tongue

Then after a few weeks, the teeth keep getting whiter and the my gums look a lot healthier. That is where I am at right now. Some people claim that it can cure a lot of ailments, but I can only say what my experience has been and I have been pleased with the results.

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  • Behind the Mirror

    I have tried this a couple times and something about the swooshing for 20 minutes is too much for me… I would really like to see my teeth whiter but I don’t think I can handle it, haha.

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