Independent Designer – Spirit of Maya – Lounge In Comfort And Style

I can see myself wearing these pieces after a day at the beach or the desert at night. Soft fabrics and a comfortable fit make lounging look very stylish.

About Spirit Of Maya:

My name is Susanne Johansson and with Spirit of Maya I hope to inspire individuals 
to holistic thinking when it comes to buying clothes and accessories. 

Knowing that fashion and design is a way to spread your message and attitude, 
Spirit of Maya suits those individuals who want’s to cherish their inner beauty. 
You have to take a stand and be aware of your responsibilities for what you are buying. 

Spirit of Maya is always looking out to find the best materials for our garments and that 
production meets the high moral and ethics that we stand for. 

This is why we work with Colorganic cotton, a fabric woven in Sweden, amongst other materials. 

The name MAYA means illusion within the Hinduism. 
For Spirit of Maya the clothes became an illusuion behind the person that stands for reality. 

Love & Light 
Spirit of Maya

Spirit Of Maya

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