Life Makeover – Relieving Stress And Anxiety – Walking

Stress and anxiety and been slowly taking over my life. I go to the doctor’s and they give me more pills. I do not want to live my life being a pharmaceutical pin cushion. I need to tackle the cause of my stress and anxiety.  This post will be about one of the steps I am taking to achieve this goal. Today I am talking about my walking routine.

I had physical recently. Since I had a landmark birthday in December, there are added tests you need to have done. One of these tests was the bone density test. I was shocked to hear that I have osteoporosis in my 40s! I couldn’t understand why I was shrinking. Recently I have started to notice pains in my hips, shoulders, and spine. They found compress fractures on my spine, one of them considered severe. This situation has caused me a lot of stress and a lot of worrying.

Until I get treated for this condition, I was told that walking is the only exercise I can do for now.

I used my “Health” app on my iPhone to track my progress. The first two days, I walked  a mile. I was in great pain but I made a point to get up and walk every day. When the weather was bad, I rode my recumbent bike. within a week, I started to notice that I wasn’t walking up to anxiety attacks. I was sleeping better and I had more energy. My aches and pain is lessened and my clothes are a little looser too.

I feel motivated by tracking my progress. It is the single best motivator I have found to work. Of course, my clothes fitting better also inspires me to walk every day.

I will continue to track my progress in upcoming posts.


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