Life Makeover – Update 2/2014

Be Jeweled

January was not a good month. From what I read, it wasn’t a good month for a lot of people. Nothing terrible happened to family/friends or myself. It was just a case of the winter blahs or the “Mean Reds”. Now we are in a new month and January is in the rear view mirror.

Like Holly Golightly says, ” I must do something about the way I look”. Yes Holly, I hear you. My hair, skin and health needs attending to.

What I am thinking is that a change in hair color is just what I need. I plan on going back to red but before I do, I am going to go very light brown with highlights. I plan on doing it myself, but I will probably go to the salon for some fine-tuning.

I am FINALLY going to do something about my rosacea. This winter has been so harsh that the normal way I treat my skin isn’t cutting it anymore. I am testing skin care products, trying to find my holy grail.

I dropped the ball on a few things. I had not been taking my vitamins or drinking enough water. It was a big mistake because my skin became even drier and my energy level went way down. Now that I am back on track, I feel a lot better.

I will have another update this week on projects I have been working on.

Until next time.

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