Life Makeover–An Introduction


When its time to change, its time to rearrange

I am at a point in my life where I would like to make some real changes. Sitting here wishing and hoping doesn’t make things happen. All areas in my life need a makeover. What puts me in a great position to make changes is that I have no one to answer to but me. This series is about me and what I want. Documenting it here on my blog makes me accountable. Hopefully others will find my journey inspiring or will want to contribute in a meaningful way.

The topics I will be covering here are the following:

The Inner Works – Mind, Body, & Spirit

The Outer Works – Appearances

The Social Life

The Organized Life

Since I am new to this journey, I will make mistakes along the way. Until I get the feel and the direction going, it may be tough a first. I hope you will stick with and see how this turns out.

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