Look What I Made! Cucumber Ranch Dressing

One of the things I miss about my home state, California is the delicious Mexican food. I especially love fish tacos. Since I do not live near a restaurant that serves fish tacos, I make my own version.

Each restaurant puts it’s own spin on the recipe. You can go with breaded or unbreaded fish. You can use shredded cabbage or lettuce. Flour or corn tortillas are both fine. When it comes to the dressing, I always loved a cucumber ranch dressing. The old classic brand, Kraft makes one and it is not carried out here. My father knows how much I miss it, so he sends me a bottle of this delicious dressing.

I have been on a fish taco kick lately and I sorely miss my cucumber ranch dressing. So a light bulb went off in my head. Make your own. Here is how I made it.

I put a whole cucumber in my in my Vitamix blender. Then I added two tablespoons of ranch dressing. I took a teaspoon of chopped of white onion and then mixed it up. It was still not quite right so I added a little more dressing and white pepper. I used breaded fish corn tortillas.

Finally, it was perfected. I ended up getting 3-4 uses out of it. I used it on my fish tacos, as a dip and as a salad dressing. It as delicious and fresh.

What are your favorite salad dressings and do you make your own?

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