Looks I Love – White Shirt + Karen Curtis Jewelry

White Shirt

Bouffant Ponytail

Then add some beautiful jewels

Double Hoop Earrings Resort Jewelry

Swarovski Crystal Cuff Bracelet • Resort Jewelry Collection

The jewelry is from one of my favorite designers, Karen Curtis. Learn more about Karen Curtis:

At Karen Curtis we pride ourselves in creating some of the most unique and intriguing jewelry anywhere in the world. Each piece is hand crafted and no more than 5 of any product is ever made so our clients can enjoy a truly elite piece of glamour.

So Little Time, So Many Ideas. When Karen launched her company in 2000 this little phrase resonated deep within her soul. To this day it still holds true with her one of a kind and limited edition designs. You will not find any mass produced items under her logo…. You won’t be able to buy 1 for you and 5 for your closest friends. That’s not what The Karen Curtis Company is about. What you will find is 2 designers, Karen Curtis and Aaron Niemczyk, a husband and wife team creating beautiful displays of colorful wearable artwork. The couple resides in NYC (appropriately just steps away from fashion avenue) designing and piecing together every single piece of jewelry that comes from their studio. The Karen Curtis Company produces around 5 different collections every year. The selections in each collection range from Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings to Custom Tiaras, Hair Pins, and even Cuff Links. SO WHAT’S THE JEWELRY MADE OF? All of the work consists of Swarovski ELEMENTS, most important and unusual is the use of rare discontinued, antique and vintage pieces that are for the most part unavailable to other designers. These components capture some of the most historic and creative cuts and colors in the crystal. Each item is pieced together using 925 sterling silver and/or 14K gold filled metal embellishing the overall arrangement. OUR PROMISE to all of the cityblis members is to keep our freshest collections always updated so that the true fashionistas around the globe will have a “go to” site for accessorizing the hottest trends in their closets.

LIVE A COLORFUL LIFE! -The Karen Curtis Team

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