Lorac Mega 2 Pro Palette – Get It As Fast As You Can


LORAC announces Mega PRO 2 palette

This week sees the launch of the LORAC Mega PRO 2 eyeshadow palette from LORAC. Comprising 32 shades, 16 matte and 16 shimmer, the shadows can be used wet or dry and are infused with soothing botanicals. The palette has a value of $205 and retails at $59. Available at ULTA .

Last year I stayed up all night to get my hands on the LORAC Mega Pro 1 Palette. I finally got one around noon and within a few short hours they were sold out. LORAC also put them on Amazon and just a handful of people got their hands on one. I never seen so angry many makeup lovers in my life.  I can’t blame them. LORAC didn’t make enough for the demand. They teased us for months about it so the demand was HUGE.

This year the LORAC Mega 2 Pro has been released at Ulta. Their pre-sale sold out immediately. I suggest you get your hands on one as fast as you can because who knows if they will meet the demand again. May the force be with you!

I am not going to get this palette only because I have so many palettes as it is. What I can say, is the formula is what makes this a great palette. The mattes are not chalky at all and that is what I look for. I find the formula stays all day with a primer. I think the range of shades are versatile, with a mix of warm and cool shades. I have seen this shades swatched and I am most impressed with the copper/orange shades.     

I am very pleased with LORAC eye shadows. I plan on trying other items from the line. The lips colors intrigue me so that will probably be my next purchase.

Will you be getting this palette? What do you think of LORAC eyeshadows in general?


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