Lorac Mega Pro Palette Is Here – Get It While You Can – Update

******* UPDATE ********* I have no idea what is happening at Amazon. I received an email letting me know that the palette would be back in November. Then I found out that people were able to buy them, but not expected to receive them until November. Any mention of the palette has been erased from Amazon. Lorac has washed their hands of the situation. It is a great palette, but it is not worth paying a makeup scalper hundred of dollars off of Ebay. I am waiting for Lorac and Amazon to issue an apology, but I am not holding my breath.

So at the stroke of midnight, I waited for the Lorac Mega Pro Palette to become available. Hours went by, tweets from many women around the world asking the same question, “when is it going to be available.?” Eventually I had to go to sleep, but the first thing I did in the morning was check if it was available.  Finally, as I am walking out to leave for an appointment, it is online.  I dash to my computer to put in my order.  In the past, I always lose out on limited edition items but this time the palette is going to be mine!

I got to the Lorac website and it was so slow. Luckily, I was able to place my order and received the confirmation email.  Now I wait……

The Lorac website says they are expecting to be sold out within the hour. Don’t panic. Get yourself over to Amazon and buy it there before it is too late. As a bonus, if you have a prime account, you will get it by Wednesday!

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