Mad Men – Betty & Don Draper

In less than a week, my favorite show ever will be airing its final seven episodes. Mad Men is the one show that got me watching a weekly show again. I have very little interest in television otherwise.

It seems like just yesterday the show aired. I had to see it being that it was set in my favorite period of time. I had no idea it was going to be so true to the times. Great research went into the show to get the period down pat. The wardrobe, sets and even the lighting were shown accurately. What made makes Mad Men stick out for me was the writing and the actors who brought the characters to life. Could you imagine anyone else playing Don, Betty or Peggy?

It amazes me how some viewers were socked by the attitudes of the day. PC didn’t exist. The attitudes towards women, gays and minorities would be unthinkable today. Personally as painful as it was to watch at times, I appreciated them getting it right.

I am really thankful I have two parents who were actually in NYC during those years. In fact, my father worked at an advertising firm on Madison Avenue. He wasn’t an executive. He was right out of the Navy. He was a projects manager which meant he did what was asked of him. He took test shots of products. He was the first person to photograph the Scope bottle.

My mother was a secretary for a steel company in the Chrysler building. She loves the show and can confirm they got look and attitudes right. She said fashions changed so fast. She especially remembers wearing mini-skirts in the winter.

I thought I would take a look back at the beginning of the show. This video sets up the relationship between Don and Betty. This video is very powerful and made an impact on me.

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