More Winter Boots – The Hunt Continues And A Mini Rant


The posts that draw the most hits to my blog are the boots post. I have told people since August to buy your boots early because they sell out ASAP. Last year it was Sorel and Sperry Topsider were the most coveted brands and still are this year, but a new contender has stepped into the ring, L.L.Bean. It seems that they are not able to keep up with the demand. The reason being: the HIPSTERS. What is irritating about this is that the people who truly need a good winter boot can’t them because they are being bought up by people who live in LA who never experience cold weather (unless they travel). I am from Southern California and remembered how ridiculous people looked wearing UGGS. (I love Uggs btw). Call me a cranky old woman (I have aged out of hipster a while ago, even my ex-love hipster looks silly to me now). Don’t get me started on the whole work boot trend for people who do not work.

In the end, The Boot Wars are a good thing. It keeps the economy going. It keeps people working and money flowing.

The styles I have picked are not necessarily a “true winter boot”. They are some fun styles and some practical.

Here are some funny articles about Hipsters and Winter Boots and here


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