Most Wanted – Velvet Pumpkin Collection

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[quote]We love these soft, colorful and unique velvet pumpkins. Each one is beautifully handcrafted and features a preserved natural pumpkin or squash stem on top. Available in different sizes and robust fall colors, they are ideal for a seasonal centerpiece or accessorizing your home for the holidays.[/quote]

I do not go all out decorating for fall. I think it is because I find seasonal decorations to be on the tacky side.

I came across these pumpkins and loved the rich colors and velvet texture. Pumpkins are not tacky. With proper care, this is an item I can see myself having for a very long time. I just have to make sure I keep them from away from a pair of certain felines. 

Do you like to go all out and decorate for fall? What are your favorite decorative pieces?

You can these pumpkins at Stonewall Kitchen.

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