New Projects In The Works – First Newsletter Coming Soon

Time To Start The Day

This weekend was a busy one for me. Well, that is only Saturday was busy. Sunday I loafed around, watched football. Come Monday morning I was right back it. I did take a break to see Old Spice. He needed a break from his work too.

I need to finish my newsletter this week. I decided that personal stuff I don’t want to talk about on the blog, will go here. I learned my lesson back in 2006 when my first blog was very open about everything. Everyone was mad at me and the joy of blogging disappeared.

Those of you how want to know in more detail how my life makeover is going or my battle with PCOS, please subscribe. Let me know if you have a PCOS blog to read.

Fall is definitely here. As I type this it is 48 degrees. I need to leave for the gym soon. Another busy day ahead of me.

Have a great day Cats and Felines.

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