OZ Naturals – Super Youth Eye Gel Review

Today I am going to give me my honest of the Super Youth Eye Gel by OZ Naturals. I am no stranger to OZ Naturals products and I especially like the eye creams/gels. This is the first straight up gel formula I have tried from OZ Natural. Here are the details from OZ Naturals.

About the Product

ALLURE MAGAZINE’S Best In Beauty Eye Gel – It’s considered to be the most effective anti-aging, eye cream treatment available- designed to treat every major eye concern & is hands down the best eye gel for dark circles, puffiness & wrinkles.
CRUELTY-FREE & vegan formula – This eye gel treatment is not to be underestimated as it’s highly effective at reducing dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.
SAFE FOR ALL SKIN Types – Non-comedogenic, does not contain parabens, sulfates or alcohol.
THIS EYE GEL (not eye cream) is specifically formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes to reverse the signs of aging.
THIS EYE GEL is 100% natural & 75% organic – OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti-aging products on the market – OZ Naturals products work & they work extremely well – We guarantee you’ll get results!

I tried this product in the morning. I followed my normal cleansing routine then applied the eye gel. The eye gel is lightweight and absorbs quickly. I noticed that my puffy eyes shrunk down almost immediately. Unfortunately, I experienced stinging and had to wash the gel off. When I looked at the ingredients, I saw that cucumber is in the list of ingredients. I am very sensitive to cucumber and cannot use it anywhere on my face. I should have looked at the ingredients before I used the product.

If you do not have a sensitivity to cucumber, then this eye gel will work for you. It does shrink the puffiness and is lightweight. Oz Naturals makes very good eye products. I especially love Ultra Ageless Eye Cream

For more information about OZ Naturals – Super Youth Eye Gel go here.

*I received this product at no cost for an unbiased and honest review

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