Project: Earthing/Grounding 6/26/2018

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  • Project: Earthing/Grounding 6/26/2018

As you will soon discover, I am a big fan Katie, owner of Beauty & The Boutique. Her site offers beauty, style and self-improvement tips. I have picked up all kinds of useful tips from her site. I really like the videos she makes on confidence and happiness. The latest one I watched is all about “earthing/grounding.” She explains what it is in the video. For a deeper explanation of what earthing is, look here.  Earthing/grounding is a way to connect with the earth’s energy.

With our busy lives, we can lose touch with nature. Earthing is supposed to have many benefits for your health and well-being. I notice when I am out in nature, I instantly feel calmer. I do love feeling of the earth under my feet so I am going to give this a try everyday (weather permitting). I do love that you do not need any special equipment to practice earthing. However, I did see special mats, shoes, and sheets, to help you get the benefits if you cannot go outside.

I will check back in a month and let you know how my earthing experience is going.

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